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Design and preparation of 3D model for 3D printing and visualization of Swarovski catalog “Gemvisions 2014″. The catalog presents the future trends for the year 2014.

Concept design: Zdenka Šamec

Swarovski Gem Visions: Jewellery Trends for 2014

Jewellery Trends for 2014



We designed 3D model and renders based on the conceptual drawings (Desiree Kolarec) Medals will be awarded to the winners of this year’s EuroBasketu 2013. You can also read the article about medals on RTVSLO.si

3D design and visualization: Uroš HohkravtDesign: Desiree Kolarec

Satler_01a Satler_02a

In our design studio we have modeled and visualized the windows for the new catalog and website. Visualizations allow customers to see all of the benefits contained Satler windows and better display of certain segments.

Client: Satler

generative design

pivka_001 smallpivka_002 small

Example of product visualization – Pivka salami. Wire frame model on the left side and the final render representation on the right side.


Client: Studio Ajd

Visualization furniture legs for promotional purposes and catalogs.


Client: Rujzdesign

Visualization of Alarm clock (clay model and render).

The concept is to range a different rings (variety of flowers) to finger and make a bunch. To make everything more interesting, we also have a choice to pick a different materials like silver, gold, various colored plastics, stones …. The ring, can be put together to coordinate with our wardrobe or our mood.

With post production software, we not only provide the possibility of damage restoration and repairing of other errors. But also allows us to change a new photo in the style of old-fashioned – vintage look. Final result can be adapted to desired needs.

(left: original photography, right: post production)

Photo: Polona Iskra

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