Modeling and visualization – Sony PSP.


We designed 3D model and renders based on the conceptual drawings (Desiree Kolarec) Medals will be awarded to the winners of this year’s EuroBasketu 2013. You can also read the article about medals on RTVSLO.si

3D design and visualization: Uroš HohkravtDesign: Desiree Kolarec

In our design studio we have modeled and visualized the windows for the new catalog and website. Visualizations allow customers to see all of the benefits contained Satler windows and better display of certain segments.

Client: Satler

generative design

Visualization furniture legs for promotional purposes and catalogs.


Client: Rujzdesign

Spring lamp was created in Rhinoceros 3D, and then realized using Additive technologies in company called EOS. It is made by selective laser sintering (SLS)  in najlon in the material.

Posted: iCAT 2010


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Possibility of interactive rotation, alignment and movement of the window with the mouse. This makes it easier and better to look at the product and its details.

When opening the window automatically rotates, but you can click the left mouse button, turning any statue, and movements to the left or right side. In addition, you can zoom and scroll.


For our partner Hl Corporation (Shenzhen, China), we designed and developed multi-functional fitness equipment for home use. Advanced solutions and features, offered by the device, follow the latest trends in home workouts. Through rotation of the central part, thigh, abdominal muscles training and the inclusion of resistance bands in the training process, the machine enables truly effective full body workout.


Published: Official Rhinoceros site

Visualization of MP3 player was created for promotional purposes and for use in lectures about computer graphics.

We invite you to download a free 3D model from the website.



Published: Official Rhinoceros site

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