Swarovski_ogledni karton Visualization and design of one of the conceptual framework – POS material for the presentation of new jewelry “Jogging Gems”.

Brand: Lencia.

swarovski 001

swarovski 002

Konstruiranje in priprava 3D modela za printanje, ter vizualizacija za Swarovski katalog “Gemvisions 2014”. The catalog presents the future trends for the year 2014.

Concept design: Zdenka Šamec

Swarovski Gem Visions: Jewellery Trends for 2014

Jewellery Trends for 2014



We designed 3D model and renders based on the conceptual drawings (Desiree Kolarec) Medals will be awarded to the winners of this year’s EuroBasketu 2013. You can also read the article about medals on RTVSLO.si

3D design and visualization: Uroš HohkravtDesign: Desiree Kolarec

generative design

Visualization furniture legs for promotional purposes and catalogs.


Client: Rujzdesign

The concept is to range a different rings (variety of flowers) to finger and make a bunch. To make everything more interesting, we also have a choice to pick a different materials like silver, gold, various colored plastics, stones …. The ring, can be put together to coordinate with our wardrobe or our mood.

Client: Iles Idrija

Conceptual design form for ring or bracelet.

Uroša Hohkravt and goldsmith master Bojan Zdovc, led a jewelry workshop in Celje. Students were informed with the basics of goldsmith and traditional jewelry making. The workshop was successful and the results were some excellent products. In the future we will try to organize more jewelry workshops.


Photography: Boštjan Bensa

Conceptual design was made by Uros Hohkravt. The starting point is coming from architectural detail – domes, symbolizing seven havens. The jewelry is made of white and green silver. Prestige version also include zirconium.

Brooches were made in silver. On the surface are engraved graphic symbols. We designed a whole collection (ring, brooch, tie pin, a pedant …).