Bottle visualization for poster (Pivovarna Laško – Heiniken Beer).

Visualization furniture legs for promotional purposes and catalogs.


Client: Rujzdesign

Spring lamp was created in Rhinoceros 3D, and then realized using Additive technologies in company called EOS. It is made by selective laser sintering (SLS)  in najlon in the material.

Posted: iCAT 2010


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Possibility of interactive rotation, alignment and movement of the window with the mouse. This makes it easier and better to look at the product and its details.

When opening the window automatically rotates, but you can click the left mouse button, turning any statue, and movements to the left or right side. In addition, you can zoom and scroll.


We designed a corporate logo for cosmetic studio – Black Cat. The symbol (cat) indicates personal care, relaxation and pleasure. In addition, it has always been associated with witchcraft and magic is something that happens in the cosmetic studio, while enjoying the professional care (feel like you have nine lives).

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Client: Alden d.o.o.

Client: Iles Idrija

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We tested the possibility of digitizing objects (in our case we chose the statue, which was made by Mate Hohkrauta. The statue has a very diverse surface with a lot of details and interesting texture).

The results ware above our expectations. It`s also great that 3D model can be also modify with tools like ZBrush. You can processed texture remove or change also.

In the opening page, the statue rotates automatically, but you can turning it by clicking your left mouse button.

V-ray plugin is capable of producing visualizations for 3D glasses (anaglyph), so we decided try to make some. Production itself is quite simple and the results are very good. You can check yourself​​.


Published: Rhinoceros official site

Conceptual design form for ring or bracelet.

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