Who among us didn’t hear the story about Jack and the Beanstalk, when overnight five magical seeds grew into a gigantic beanstalk high up to the sky. As these magical seeds forever changed the life of Jack and his mother, we want our Surprise Flower to introduce a little miracle and surprise into people’s everyday life, as they are full of expectations and excitement, when looking at plant growth.

The essence of the Surprise Flower is that plants’ educator doesn’t know, what kind of a miracle seed is hidden in the earth, and what kind of flower it will grow up to be. He is nurturing the seed with interest, curiosity and patience, concerned that the seed has enough light and nutrients (instructions on the inside of the lid), until the plant is not shown in all its beauty.


Published: hohkravt, IDasia, designeast

A cup of tea is not just a need, but a pleasure. When you take time for tea, you take time for yourself. A moment alone is not just a ritual, but can be about us, internal balancing, calming down, or just relaxing.

The idea of a filter tea bag was developed for a brand »1001 cvet« (1001 Flower). This brand bears a lot of symbolism and expressions. Not only the herbs used in the manufacturing process, but also to the perception of flowers and plants in general. Out of here came the idea of a unique shape of a tea bag, which triggers different senses to every individual, when one takes time for himself. The shape and the message it conveys is perceived very positively in the conscious and in unconscious level. We experience them as something pleasant; nature, love, affection, attention. The shape may also affects on stimulating ones individual senses.

Tea bag was already presented in 2006 to Droga Kolinska and Droga Portorož. Although the idea was never realized, manufacturer and the media has created a number of positive criticism and approval.


Published: BIO 19, Marketing Magazine (September, 2004), Ona, Jana