After the renovation of Franja Partisan Hospital, we designed a new ticket, which allows a digital printout, so that employees can work easier and faster if it`s crowded. Ticket is also interesting as another orientation, because at the front page we can find the whole plane with labels and descriptions of facilities, which can be especially convenient for visitors to find the desired targets. Of course it is also interesting as a souvenir.


Client: Idrija Municipal Museum

Hospital Franja represents monument of cultural heritage, which was at the time of World War II., the symbol of the fight against the occupier. It’s one of three Slovenian monuments, which bear the European cultural heritage sign. In 2007, a catastrophic storm, almost completely destroyed Partisan hospital. After that, began the reconstruction of destroyed barracks and its surroundings. KvadratPlus cooperates with the Idrija Municipal Museum and the Ministry of Culture in the reconstruction. We are very proud that we have been entrusted to such an important project, such as the revitalization of cultural heritage, which has a special place in Slovenian history.

Photo: Rafael Marn


More about reconstruction: Aleksander J. Potočnik