3D technologies offers many opportunities. They can help companies in their products development and effectively lowering certain expenses. These advantages were also recognized in the company called Iles. We prepared a few nice visualization for their catalog The Little Prince – white.



  • we can also afford to visualize just one piece (for transportation and renting the studio this is slightly uneconomical)
  • when the virtual model is done, we can ​assemble furniture versions (modules, different wood materials, color versions, hooks, props …)
  • when there is no time to carry out different ideas, we make them with 3D graphic and choose the most appropriate one
  • we can avoid the transport costs and photographic studios layouts
  • we can also avoid to the costs due to the destruction of manipulating with the furniture (transport in to the studio, assembling and disassembling again)
  • easier communication with customers and feedback about ideas (the products can still be under development)
  • we can already drafting visualizations for the catalogs and other promo material and published them along with products



Client: Iles Idrija

After the renovation of Franja Partisan Hospital, we designed a new ticket, which allows a digital printout, so that employees can work easier and faster if it`s crowded. Ticket is also interesting as another orientation, because at the front page we can find the whole plane with labels and descriptions of facilities, which can be especially convenient for visitors to find the desired targets. Of course it is also interesting as a souvenir.


Client: Idrija Municipal Museum