Visualization of furniture handles with different graphics options.


Client: Rujzdesign

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We tested the possibility of digitizing objects (in our case we chose the statue, which was made by Mate Hohkrauta. The statue has a very diverse surface with a lot of details and interesting texture).

The results ware above our expectations. It`s also great that 3D model can be also modify with tools like ZBrush. You can processed texture remove or change also.

In the opening page, the statue rotates automatically, but you can turning it by clicking your left mouse button.

Hospital Franja represents monument of cultural heritage, which was at the time of World War II., the symbol of the fight against the occupier. It’s one of three Slovenian monuments, which bear the European cultural heritage sign. In 2007, a catastrophic storm, almost completely destroyed Partisan hospital. After that, began the reconstruction of destroyed barracks and its surroundings. KvadratPlus cooperates with the Idrija Municipal Museum and the Ministry of Culture in the reconstruction. We are very proud that we have been entrusted to such an important project, such as the revitalization of cultural heritage, which has a special place in Slovenian history.

Photo: Rafael Marn


More about reconstruction: Aleksander J. Potočnik

Uroša Hohkravt and goldsmith master Bojan Zdovc, led a jewelry workshop in Celje. Students were informed with the basics of goldsmith and traditional jewelry making. The workshop was successful and the results were some excellent products. In the future we will try to organize more jewelry workshops.


Photography: Boštjan Bensa

KvadratPlus was established in aprila 2009 by Uroš Hohkravt and Rajmond Cindrić with aim, to pursue their ideas.

The company is active in the filed of industrial design, graphic design and 3D technologies, but with our knowledge we are often active on other areas as well. Trough education, we transferred our knowledge to young future designers.

We are constantly searching for new ideas, learning about modern technologies that enable us to develop new products, research and design-friendly environment, is not just our job, but also a way of life.


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